Standard time from first fit to final pick up is 4 weeks. Alterations can be expedited.  Our busy months are May-Sept , and during those months there may be a rush fee for expedited services.

You will have your fitting appointment and your  pick up appointment which we schedule to allow for a further fitting that is sometimes needed.

There is no way to determine alterations costs without a consultation. Each gown and bride is unique. Beads and lace always ad a higher cost so plan for $200-$400.

No there is no charge for the first fitting. The fitting is included in the cost of the alterations.

Bring your gown, your wedding shoes, undergarments you plan to wear and a friend or two. (while its good to have company, too many people can interfere with the fitting and stress you out)

You should schedule your first fitting 8-10 before your wedding . During our busy months we book fast so it is advised to book your appointment 4 weeks in advance to secure your slot.   (May-Sept weekends and evening appointments are very popular. )